December 1, 2023

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JK Tech imagining the future of the healthcare industry with Hyperautomation powered solutions

NEW YORK, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JK Tech, a global provider of next-generation digital transformation services, is introducing path-breaking Hyperautomation-powered solutions for revamping the healthcare industry. The American Medical Association (AMA) estimates claims processing inefficiencies cost between $21 billion and $210 billion per year. JK Tech’s Hyperautomation framework and services will enable ease and speed of business service rollouts, facilitated with automation efficiencies leveraging existing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) systems. Along with RCM, the company caters to key industry concerns including Lab Automation, Compliance solutions, and the automation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) to ensure optimization of clinical data exchange within and between payer and provider organizations; enabling improved compliance and efficiencies while fostering better patient outcomes. 

JK Tech has formulated a 3A approach which consists of Availability referring to the availability of healthcare providers due to less administrative work, making drugs available at a faster pace, and individualizing medicine for patients. The next is Accessibility including telehealth, online consultation, virtual clinical trials, and real-time monitoring, and lastly, Affordability which consists of value-based care, health risk assessment, and drug development optimization. The solutions will disrupt the healthcare industry with the utilization of Hyperautomation which amalgamates all the disparate technology solutions such as AI & Analytics, process mining, cognitive bot automation, AI rules engine, and real-time analytics on a single platform.   

In a statement, Aloke Paskar, President and CEO, JK Tech, says “The healthcare industry has witnessed an unprecedented change across the globe with the pandemic exposing us to unknown situations. The lifeline for the industry has been undoubtedly Digital Healthcare. With a vision of making healthcare available, accessible, and affordable, JK Tech provides hyperautomation-powered healthcare solutions to simplify integration between different parties, digitize manual processes, improve data access for patients and stakeholders, consolidate medical records, protect patient data, regulate compliance adherence and integrated dashboard of evidence from IT operation tools. We are confident that these solutions will go a long way to scale the new heights of Digital Health.”

Adding to this, Jake Carl, Senior Vice President – HealthCare Markets, JK Tech, said, “Realizing that optimizing RCM is a key concern for healthcare providers to remain profitable, the RCM targeted offering by JK Tech manages the complex data to simplify key processes in front-end, mid, and back-end RCM. With our Hyperautomation-enabled lab automation solution, providers can better manage resources and make smarter decisions using analytics via a single platform. Apart from this, we also provide a managed service that aggregates evidence from various systems and processes centrally and continuously to help clients manage risk and prove compliance. Our solution portfolio also focuses on payer organizations to deploy automation to ease the process of Electronic Health records (EHR).”

About JK Tech 

JK Tech is a next-generation Digital and IT services provider enabling clients globally to navigate their digital transformation. The organization stands by its vision of being “committed to a superior experience” with its customers, its people, and its social environment. JK Tech offers specialized capabilities across healthcare, retail & consumer products, and Insurance with its niche solutions across Modernization and Hyperautomation leveraging data transformation that help improve their performance and create lasting value across its enterprises. To learn more, visit Find JK Tech on Twitter, LinkedIn

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