November 30, 2023

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HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited becomes mercury-free cancer care chain of hospitals

HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited (HCG) on Wednesday announced that it has mercury-free hospital by eliminating mercury-based medical measuring devices to promote more stringent medical hygiene and eco-friendly practices.

According to a press statement, HCG phased out mercury-based instruments such as thermometers, sphygmomanometers, blood pressure monitoring devices, gastrointestinal devices, calibrators, containing mercury across all 26 centres in India.

The hospital group claims that through this initiative, HCG supports the deployment of accurate and safer non-mercury alternatives. This will provide safe health care to patients, safe work environment for health care workers and decreases the load on the environment, making the earth a safer place to live, it added.

Mercury and its various compounds lead to a range of serious health impacts on the nervous, digestive, and immune systems, lungs, and kidneys. In addition, mercury is quite harmful to foetuses, children, and young adults. It is used in thermometers, blood pressure monitors, gastrointestinal devices, and other medical items.

“Significant amounts of liquid elemental mercury turn into a gas at room temperature, possibly exposing nearby employees or patients to extremely dangerous levels. Therefore, the management teams of all HGC facilities throughout India are adhering to the regulations set forth in the Government of India’s Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Trans-boundary Movement) Rules 2008 for the handling, storage, treatment, and disposal of hazardous mercury waste while the replacement of mercury-based equipment and products,” the hospital group said in a statement.

These equipments are replaced with aneroid or digital machines thus making hospitals a safe working space with mercury-free zone it claimed.

“We are thrilled to announce that HCG is now a mercury-free facility. We have implemented a stringent policy across our hospitals prohibiting the use of mercury-based equipment. We see our endeavour as an opportunity to protect residents from mercury risks and improve the quality of life. By switching to digital technology, the hospital generates no mercury-based toxic waste. It is a positive move in the direction of a better environment. HCG is committed to preserving the environment, and by implementing this initiative across our network, we are reaffirming our resolve to contribute significantly to the goals and objectives of healthcare sustainability,” Raj Gore, Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd said in a statement.