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Healthcare 3D Printing Market to hit US$ 9.13 billion by

Newark, New Castle, USA, Feb. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a new market research report titled, “Healthcare 3D Printing Market by Technology (Electron Beam Melting, Laser Beam Melting), Component (3D Printer, 3D Bioprinter), Application (Surgical Guides, Prosthetics), End User (Hospitals, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies) – Global Outlook & Forecast Period 2022-2030″ published by Growth Plus Reports, the Healthcare 3D Printing Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% from 2021 to reach US$ 9.13 billion by 2030. Cutting-edge technology, heavy R&D expenditures, and an increase in the range of biomedical applications are the key driving factors for the expansion of the market.

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Market Driver

The introduction of cutting-edge technology, the reduction of human error to enhance patient care, and product customization to meet patient-specific needs have all played a significant role in expanding the global healthcare 3D printing market. Using 3D printing technology for pre-operative surgical planning or as a pre-operative means of visualizing surgical intervention to pre-define surgical steps has proved essential in enhancing healthcare precision and lowering the cost and duration of procedures. Additionally, it is projected that expanding applications of 3D printing technology in industries including bioprinting, prosthetics, dentistry, and pharmaceuticals will further support robust market development. Heavy R&D expenditures, fast customer development, an increase in the range of biomedical applications, and intensive R&D for improving 3D printers at the academic and industrial levels have contributed to the market growth. For Instance, in March 2019, Innovate UK provided funding of US$ 2.6 million (EUR 2.25 million) to the University of Huddersfield (UK) for the creation of a new kind of electron-beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) printer.

Additionally, as more ventilator components are developed using 3D printing, the market for healthcare 3D printing is expected to grow. A number of studies are being conducted to determine the extent of the coronavirus’s influence on the primary organs. As a result, it can be used more frequently in producing organs, thus boosting market prospects. Additionally, it is projected that as healthcare facilities become more accepting of non-essential procedures and implants. Safety regulations can be implemented about implant production techniques, which might positively affect the global healthcare 3D printing market in both the short- and long-term forecast period.

Excerpts from ‘By Technology Segmentation’

Based on technology, the global healthcare 3D printing market is segmented into:

  • electron beam melting (EBM)
  • laser beam melting (LBM)
  • photopolymerization, droplet deposition
  • three-dimensional printing (3DP)
  • polyjet

Laser beam melting (LBM) dominated the global healthcare 3D printing market during the forecast period. However, droplet deposition showed the fastest growth in the healthcare 3D printing market. The market size has grown significantly due to the rising demand for droplet deposition technology. Major attractions for potential customers has emerged as the 3D printing technology’s ability to withstand chemical exposure. Due to their ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, these materials have become extremely durable products on the market. The market has grown significantly as a result of rising public demand for cutting-edge technology, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue.

Excerpts from ‘By Region Segmentation’

Based on the region, the global healthcare 3D printing market has been segmented into:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World

The market for healthcare 3D printing in North America was dominated during the forecast period. The market need is primarily driven by the growing regulatory support to improve quality control measures and streamline the combination of 3D printing and traditional technologies. Moreover, institutions and industries alike have also seen an increased intensity of R&D efforts in the regions of North America.

The healthcare 3D printing market is expected to increase significantly in Asia-Pacific as more 3D and 4D technologies, such as a bionic hand from Youbionic, are used. The experience in its entirety gains from these technologies. The region’s 3D printing market for healthcare is also anticipated to grow in the next years because of ongoing healthcare infrastructure and rising healthcare costs.

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Excerpts from ‘Competitive Landscape’

Some of the prominent market players in the global healthcare 3D printing include:

·3D Systems Corporation

·Exone Company

·Stratasys Ltd.

·Formlabs Inc.

·General Electric

·Organovo Holdings, Inc.

·Materialise NV

·Oxferd Performance Materials, Inc.

·Organovo Holdings, Inc.

·Proto Labs

·SLM Solutions Group AG

·Stratasys Ltd.

·Biomedical Modeling, Inc.

·3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd.

·3D Systems Corporation

·Prodways Group

·DENTSPLY Sirona, Inc.

·DWS Systems SRL

·Renishaw plc.

It is widely known that companies use both organic and inorganic techniques to strengthen their market presence and gain a competitive edge. The market for healthcare 3D printing is moderately competitive. The leading participants have used strategies such as product launches and upgrades to maintain market competition. Manufacturers are investing more in R&D in response to rising demand from medical applications.

Table of Content

    1. Market Ecosystem 
    2. Timeline Under Consideration
    3. Currency Used in the Report
    1. Research Approach
    2. Data Collection Methodology
    3. Data Sources
      1. Secondary Sources 
      2. Primary Sources 
    4. Market Estimation Approach
      1. Bottom Up 
      2. Top Down 
    5. Market Forecasting Model
    6. Limitations and Assumptions       
    1. Current Market Trend (COVID-19 Perspective)
    2. Key Players & Competitive Positioning (2021) 
    1. Drivers
    2. Restraints/Challenges
    3. Opportunities
    1. Electron Beam Melting (EBM)
    2. Laser Beam Melting (LBM)
    3. Photopolymerization
    4. Droplet Deposition
    5. Three-Dimensional Printing (3DP) 
    6. Polyjet
    1. 3D Printers 
    2. 3D Bioprinters
    3. Materials
    4. Software & Services
    1. Surgical Guides
    2. Prosthetics
    3. Implants


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