December 2, 2023

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Global leaders to highlight digital solutions in healthcare at Global Digital Health Summit 2023

Scheduled to take place on September 1-2 at the prestigious Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai. Approximately 1,000 industry professionals from 40 countries to attend the event

The Global Digital Health Summit 2023, an eminent event in the healthcare industry, is set to unveil cutting-edge digital solutions that are transforming the landscape of healthcare. The summit will emphasise medical specialties, the digitalisation of the pharma industry, and the conversion of small hospitals into smart hospitals. This event will serve as a platform for networking, collaboration, and fostering innovation.

Scheduled to take place on September 1-2, the summit will be held at the prestigious Jio World Convention Center in Mumbai. It will bring together visionary leaders who are at the forefront of driving digital transformation in healthcare. By attracting global delegates and industry experts, this event provides a unique opportunity to explore the potential of the Indian market and engage in discussions about the future of healthcare.

The summit’s agenda features a series of sessions that delve into digital solutions for various healthcare specialties, including Cardiology, Gynaecology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Pulmonology, and Consulting Physicians. Additionally, topics such as the digitalisation of the pharmaceutical industry, the impact of robotics and generative AI on healthcare, and the management of chronic patients in the digital age will be discussed.

Approximately 1,000 industry professionals from 40 countries are expected to attend the summit. The second edition of the Global Digital Health Summit will attract senior leaders from both the public and private sectors in healthcare and life sciences. Moreover, the event’s impact will extend beyond the physical attendees through the comprehensive Summit Outcomes Report, which will highlight the showcased solutions and provide a platform for global recognition.

By being highlighted in the summit outcomes report, the participants will get significant exposure, providing an excellent chance to connect with international markets. Through the summit’s vast array of international partners, this report will get widespread distribution, maximising awareness and encouraging cooperation.

Advancing the adoption and integration of DTx solutions for better patient outcomes, the Asia Pacific DTx Leadership Alliance will be launched as a collaborative platform to foster innovation, drive adoption, and lead the advancement of digital therapeutics across the Asia Pacific region. It will give solution providers a fantastic opportunity and assist the healthcare sector in navigating the fascinating possibilities of digitising healthcare. The Smart Clinicians’ Suite and Smart Hospitals’ Suite will also be launched at the summit. These platforms will aid hospitals and medical professionals in selecting the best solutions for digitising their operations. Experts will review the technology offered on these platforms, which is likely to accelerate the implementation of digital health across the nation.

Looking forward to the summit, Dr Rajendra Pratap Gupta said “We at Digital Health Associates are working to digitise the healthcare system in the country and provide solutions, not only to the patients but to clinicians and the whole healthcare fraternity. This decade will see a disruption in healthcare, and we will continue to be at the forefront of that revolution. The Global Digital Health Summit offers a forum for leaders in technology and healthcare to network and debate game-changing ideas for all forms of healthcare transformation. This will assist doctors and healthcare facilities in accelerating the adoption of digital health.”

As an annual gathering of healthcare pioneers, the Global Digital Health Summit aims to address challenges, foster collaboration, and ideate innovative solutions. Building on the success of the 2022 summit, which focused on achieving “Digital Health for All by 2028,” this year’s event is poised to propel India’s journey in digital health forward.

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