December 9, 2023

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Evinature exits stealth with $2 million funding to optimize global healthcare for patients with IBD, Crohn’s, or Colitis through evidence-based natural remedies

TEL AVIV, Israel —

Evinature, a startup that leads cutting-edge research in integrative therapies for IBD, emerges from stealth with their $2 million funding led by PSC Group, with participation from Ratio technologies, Shay Livnat, and other angel investors.

The Israel-based company is announcing the launch of the Evinature platform that guides patients through the CurQD™ Protocol, natural, tailored treatment regimes built on the groundbreaking research of their founders, Professor Shomron Ben-Horin, Nir Salomon, and Apan Amos Damri. Together, the three founded Evinature in 2021 intending to integrate modern medical practice with herbal remedies and technology, to provide people around the world with safe, effective, and affordable medicine.    The CurQD® Protocol has since been successfully implemented into standard clinical practice with leading medical centers in Israel and has transformed the way IBD patients are treated.

The team at Evinature highlights the urgency for healthcare to prioritize patient global accessibility to accurate medical assessments and affordable treatments: no lengthy authorization, trends, or misinformation – only effective, safe, evidence-based treatments delivered directly to patients.. Their goal is to simply develop, test, prove, then give back to the community.

“Our main product has been proven clinically to treat Ulcerative Colitis, in both a placebo-controlled trial as well as by our extensive clinical experience over 6 years of treating patients with this novel compound. Moreover, we recently identified a unique molecular mechanism by which this herbal compound restores homeostasis to the inflamed gut and reduces inflammation, similar to the way beneficial microbiome exert their action,says Apan Amos Damri, Co-Founder and CEO of Evinature. No less important,” he adds, “is the fact that, unfortunately, medicine today isn’t just about the science, but the economics behind it. There are safe, effective treatments that aren’t accessible to patients because of how the system works. Research shows that over 50% of IBD patients take less medication or skip medication because of the high cost and delays in authorization, and physicians spend much time on this procedural paperwork instead of treating more patients. This is another advantage of an evidence-based nutraceutical which is both affordable and obviates the need for a long pre-authorization process of current expensive medications. 88% of physicians describe an extremely high burden of prior approval for advanced medications, taking 2 business days a week to push the paperwork through instead of routine care and research. We’re disrupting that process by providing medical grade treatments (or) clinically proven treatments that are affordable, accessible, evidence-based treatments directly to patients without the need for prior authorization.”   

Evinature’s natural supplements and tailored protocols are certified GDPR and HIPAA compliant.  


Evinature is leading cutting-edge research in integrative therapies for IBD. They source, develop and distribute clinically-proven nutraceuticals, providing patients around the world with access to accurate diagnosis and treatment through our proprietary online platform. 


Apan Amos Damri: Co-founder and CEO of Evinature. Serial entrepreneur. Founder of Operad, iCommerce & Flex mobile storage. Marketing, digital & technology expert, entrepreneur & citizen of the world.


Prof. Shomron Ben-Horin:Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer of Evinature, Chief of the Gastroenterology Department & Director of the Gastro-Immunology Research Laboratory at Sheba Medical Center, one of Newsweek’s 10 best hospitals in the world.


Nir Salomon: Co-founder and Head of R&D at Evinature, Founder & Director of the Integrative Gastroenterology unit at Sheba Medical Center, one of Newsweek’s 10 best hospitals in the world.