November 30, 2023

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Cardiac Safety Services Market to hit USD 1,540 million by

Pune, July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Global Cardiac Safety Services Market is expected to clock US$ ~1,540 million by 2030 owing to the rise in early phase monitoring for drug candidates to assess their potential cardiovascular effects and to gain accurate cardiac safety evaluation.

The global cardiac safety services market has been analyzed from four different perspectives –Type, Services, End-User, and Region.

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Excerpts from ‘By End User Segmentation’

The global cardiac safety services market has been segmented majorly into three distinct end user, viz:

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Contract Research Organizations (Cros)
  • Others

The contract research organizations (CROs) segment is expected to be the fastest-growing end-user segment in the cardiac safety services market in the forecast period.

The growth of the segment can mainly be attributed to increasing in outsourcing of R&D activities by pharmaceuticals & biopharmaceutical companies.

Excerpts from ‘Services’

The global cardiac safety services market has been classified into: –

  • Cardiac Imaging
  • Ecg/Holter Measurement
  • Thorough Qt Study
  • Other Services

A Holter monitor is a small, portable device that records the heartbeat. It is used to detect and assess the risk of abnormal heartbeats (arrhythmias). If a traditional electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) does not provide enough data about the heart’s situation, then a Holter monitor test may be presented, blood pressure measurement is also critical to obtain an accurate blood pressure reading in order to gain a better understanding of risk for heart disease and stroke. A reading that indicates your blood pressure is lower than it is may provide you with a wrong sense of security about your health. The goal of the “thorough QT/QTc study” is to determine whether the drug has a threshold pharmacologic effect on cardiac repolarization, is measured by QT/QTc prolongation.

Excerpts from ‘By Region Segmentation’

The global cardiac safety services market has been segmented into:-

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • The Rest of the World (RoW)

North America is expected to command the largest share in the global cardiac safety services market, followed by Europe where the market is influenced by the increase in the number of clinical trials, a growing number of major market players, and technological innovation, which increase its demand, as well as increasing investment in research and development leading to market growth.

The Asia Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate, followed by Latin America and the Middle East, and Africa. The increasing focus of Asian governments on improving health-care accommodations, the growing attention of market companies on the Asia Pacific for commissioning research actions, the rise in the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, which contributes to an increase in the research pool, and the accessibility of employment at lower costs fuel the global cardiac safety services market. the Rest of the World (RoW) is growing because of factors such as the presence of major pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical companies in the region and developed healthcare infrastructure can be attributed to the large share of the region in the global market.

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Excerpts from ‘Competitive Landscape’

Some of the prominent players operating in the cardiac safety services market are

  • Medpace Inc
  • Celerion
  • Biotrial
  • IQVIA inc
  • Clario LLC
  • bioTelemetry Inc
  • Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
  • N.cardia BV
  • Richmond Pharmacology
  • Among others

Report Scope & Segmentation:

Report Coverage Details
Market Size in 2021 USD ~ 541.68 Million
Revenue forecast in 2031 USD ~ 1540 Million
Growth Rate CAGR of ~ 11.0% from 2022 to 2030
Base year for estimation 2021
Forecast period 2022-2030
Segments covered Type, Services, End-User
Regional scope North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World (ROW)


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